Sidewalk/Pavers/Porch Power Washing

Power Washing Montclair, New Jersey - Sidewalks, Pavers, Porches
Could your sidewalk, pavers, or porch use an uplift? Our power washing services are environmentally friendly, and safe for plants! There is no damage to your flowers, gardens, landscaping and lawns.

We don’t use any toxic chemicals, and nothing abrasive or acidic, which means it is gentle enough on your surfaces as well! Sidewalk power washing leaves the surface clean, but with no damage.

The beautiful look that improves curb appeal

The look of dull, dirty, and moldy sidewalks reduces the look of your whole curb appeal, even if you have a freshly cleaned house and patio. Power washing the sidewalk gives a refreshing, beautiful, and clean look.

The process of the buildup of mold and mildew on your porch or pavers is a slow process. Year by year, mold and algae grow on top of one another until they become very visible and hard to remove.

When they get clean, they look surprisingly different. We can power wash the patio, pavers, and sidewalk. We can also do porch power washing, to clean the areas that people see most often. This whole-clean approach brings a beautiful curb appeal to your house.

Improving the lifespan of your home

In addition, pressure washing these locations also protects them and improves their lifespan. The underlying wood and other materials will keep their structural integrity and make them last longer.

A routine maintenance schedule helps to prevent mold and mildew from building up on your home in the first place. Montclair Power Washing does all this and more. Please check out our list of additional available services[link] and for questions, check out our FAQ page.

I hired Montclair Power Washing to clean my concrete porches and sidewalks. They look like brand new!I would have never have believed it was possible, if I didn’t see it for myself. It’s amazing how much better this has made my property look.
Sandy – Montclair

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