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Have a problem? Call us! It’s an easy process. Our power washing services clean the siding and exterior of your house.

The challenge

Over time, mildew and accumulated algae can destroy a paint job. This can lead to big problems. Mold and mildew can get underneath the paint or finish and start breaking down the underlying wood.

The house power washing solution

If we power wash the house, it will look good, sharp, and clean. The maintenance that an exterior power wash can offer is important to preserve the outside of your home and avoid a large underlying cost of having to restructure or renovate.

Montclair Power Washing can fix that problem. It can clean the outside of the house, stripping away mold and mildew to continue to protect and maintain the underlying wood structure. In addition, it helps prime the space for new paint or finish.

Pressure washing can also improve the look of your home to enhance its curb appeal and get it ready for potential buyers or for a barbeque, event, or get-together.

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My house looked disgusting, totally covered with mildew. I found Montclair Power Washing on Google. On their website I filled out the Free Estimate form and within a couple hours I received a call from Jim White. He gave me a surprisingly reasonable price, and we set a date. On the date, before I even got out of bed, Jim and the crew were already working. By lunch the job was completed, and my house looked like new.
Thanks Jim!!!
Tracey – Cedar Grove

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