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Does your fence look like it could use a cleaning? Wooden fences have a tendency to grow mold and mildew. Fence power washing improves the life of your fence.

Our process is easy. Just give us a call for a free estimate. Getting a power wash one time greatly improves the appearance and longevity of your fence. Adhering to a schedule for routine maintenance can prevent mold and mildew from seeping into your deck in the first place.

Power washing prior to painting or staining

If you want to paint or stain, you will have to power wash your fence beforehand or the mold and stain will come through. Power washing cleans the mold out of the fence and also prepares it for general upcoming weather and environmental pressures.

Extending the life of your fence with power washing Montclair

Power Washing will extend the life of your fence. It’s not just a vanity project. Taking care of the surface of your fence adds years to its structure. Pressure washing your fence is part of a healthy routine maintenance home care plan.

We can also recommend our other power washing services as well.

With any additional questions about pressure washing your fence, please visit our FAQs.

We have an old wood fence across out back yard. It was rickety and falling down. We had a contractor come in to repair it, but it still looked old and tired. The contractor gave me the phone number to Montclair Power Washing. I booked them right over the phone. That old fence now looks like it was put up yesterday. Thanks for the great job!
Maria – Cedar Grove

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