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Does your deck need a new look? Power washing the deck creates an improvement in the visual appearance of the deck and extends its lifetime. This cleaning saves your finish so it looks fresher longer. Power washing preserves the life of your deck. It makes your deck last longer.

The challenge

Mold, mildew, and algae can seep in and under the finish of your deck if left uncleaned for too long.

The deck power washing solution

Deck power washing is strong enough to remove the mold, but gentle enough to preserve the integrity of the structure of your deck.

Pressure washing can also prepare a deck for refinishing. You shouldn’t apply finishing over mold and mildew because those elements will come through. A deck needs to be prepared for effective restaining.

Power Washing of Montclair is the simple way to clean and maintain your deck. Adhering to a schedule for routine maintenance can prevent mold and mildew from seeping into your deck in the first place. Once your deck is bright and clean, we will apply a heavy duty sealer to protect and prolong the life of it. Be sure to let us know that you’d like the full-service treatment.

If you have more questions about power washing the deck, please check out our FAQ page. We also provide free estimate requests through our online form!

The deck in my backyard was filthy. I contacted Montclair Power Washing to clean it. The job was done when they told me it would be done, for the price I was quoted, and the deck looks exactly like they told me it would look.
No muss, no fuss… great job!
Jeff– Cedar Grove

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